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What can you do today for Ashera? Introducing Ashera ShortTakes!

Whether you have two minutes, two hours, or two days, you can put your energies to great use for Ashera...

In just 2 minutes you can:

  • SPOTLIGHT - Haiku Contest: compose a haiku to help Ashera win a grant from Community Techknowledge
  • Forward a copy of our eNewsletter, Ashera Shares, to a friend, and tell them why they should subscribe
  • Become our MySpace friend or join our Facebook cause to help others discover and support us
  • Submit a public statement of support for our straightforward approach to teen pregnancy prevention
  • Spread our fame by contacting us for an Ashera t-shirt to wear whereever we'll get noticed
  • Catch the media censoring sex-ed topics and report to our TabooTrashers program

In just 2 hours you can:

  • Attend a Volunteering Information Session to learn more and meet future friends
  • Write a letter to the editor about why communities need teens to get real facts, resources, and support all through high school
  • Celebrate your birthday, graduation, wedding, or anniversary by telling your friends why supporting Ashera Project in your honor would make you jump for joy
  • Help identify community events where Ashera could participate and build support, and tell us if you would be willing to help staff a booth

In just 2 days you can:

  • Host a HouseParty to educate and invigorate your friends, using one of our entertaining kits
  • Host a job shadowing opportunity at your workplace
  • Get your friends fired-up to hold a garage sale (or eBay auction!) fundraiser for Ashera Project
  • Coordinate and host a speaking opportunity for Ashera representatives to address your community or church group
  • Arrange and hold an appointment with a school or government official to voice your support for real sex ed

Have a better idea? For suggestions or inquiries, please contact Kate Clark at volunteer@asheraproject.org

Helpful Hints:

Did you say compose a haiku? To help win a grant?
Yes, Ashera Project will submit a poem about our work, competing in the
2007 5-7-5 Haiku Grant Award program. The Ashera Board of Directors will vote on the best haiku to submit (it's one per organization) at our August 14th Board Meeting, and we hope to have a pool of appealing poems to choose from! That's where you come in: if you're the creative type, simply compose a haiku [a three-line haiku poem of: (line one) 5 syllables, (line two) 7 syllables, and (line three) 5 syllables] and submit it via email by midnight August 7th. If your entry is chosen to represent us, you get a free Ashera T-shirt! And you could help us win that grant - instant karma!

How do I host a HouseParty? What does the kit include and what would I have to do?
The best way for us to build support for the radical notion that the passing of wisdom from one generation to the next helps everyone is by helping our supporters recruit more supporters. So if you'll pick a theme and invite your friends to come hang out, have fun, and learn about Ashera, we'll help out with ideas, entertaining content, and an Ashera representative to speak.
| Dare to Share | Justice Desserts | PenPal Party |
Dare to Share: Includes sex-positive decorations and excerpts from a daring documentary about some of the more ridiculous anti-sex Texas laws. Guests are encouraged to support Ashera by donating time or money to the cause.
Justice Desserts: With a focus on chocolate, fundraising for drop-out prevention has never been as sweet. Guests sample desserts and a percentage of kitchenwares sold goes to Ashera.
PenPal Party: Help us fill a Book of Public Support with personal statements and testimonials from Austin-area residents willing to go "on record" supporting Ashera. Guests learn about why our comprehensive approach is ineligible for much government funding (because we don't teach abstinence-only) and help us prepare a show of strength for whenever it's needed.
If you'd consider helping us grow tremendous community support and are ready to learn more,
email us your selected theme and we'll back you all the way - and many thanks in advance!

Other ways to get involved?

We welcome your tax-deductible contributions and encourage you to see what is coming up on our calendar. Learn more about Ashera Project on our About page, and see some of our answers to questions that we have been asked.

Austin Wants You!

Don't ever think you aren't needed...

Drop us a line at volunteer@asheraproject.org if you or a like-minded friend have expertise to share in the following areas:
  • grant writing
  • graphic design
  • journalism/media
  • law
  • public relations
If you've ever wanted to be a part of a great Austin start-up, here's your chance!

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