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Ashera Project In the News

As Ashera Project works to affect the community by working with youth, the community is taking notice!

Here are some of examples of Ashera making the news:

December 2006. Representatives of Ashera Project were interviewed on Austin's KOOP 91.7 radio station about our work with Austin teens.

January 2005. Austinmamas, an online community of Austin mothers, featured Ashera Project co-founders Shana Ginsberg and Stephanie Hebert in their “Mamas We Like” section, recognizing the positive work Ashera is doing in Austin community.

December 2004. News 8 Austin covered the Ashera’s Have A-Latté, Give A-Lotté silent auction and fundraiser. Read the news article and watch a video clip including an interview with Ashera’s Executive Co-Director, Stephanie Hebert, and an interview with State Rep. Dawnna Dukes speaking to the importance of Ashera’s teen pregnancy prevention work.

Ashera Project has also been guests of the People United, Mamis of Color, and Radical Mothers Voice radio programs on Austin’s KOOP 91.7 radio station.